Project Management 4.0 – Take your BIM model from design to the construction site and achieve accurate quality control of your work from your office.

Simplify and enhance your supervision process. Apply our digital geometric control and avoid constant and unnecessary trips to the work area.

Impeccable work execution.
Detect deviations on foundations and structures automatically.

Modelo 3d vs nube de puntos

Digitize your processes and add extra value to the Project Management and Construction Management duties.

We use your architectural BIM model and a point cloud to compare the structural quality of your work. Detect early deviations today and avoid possible delays and cost overruns.

Numero 30 y signo de porcentaje

Now you can make several inspections in one day and get the results in a very short time.

Accurate and reliable reports ready for analyzing and taking decisions in our 3D Viewer report. Also a PDF report ready to download, with images and plans to move forward with the construction team instantly.

Graficas de 25% de ahorro en desplazamientos con C2B

Time reduction, make better decisions with less travel.