Validate the completion

Of construction tasks & elements automatically

Progress monitoring updates automatically when needed

Get a comprehensive overview of the work done by your team and subcontractors.

Confirm effortlessly the progress

Of work achieved on construction elements and MEP.

Measure the work done

By your team and subcontractors

Capture your reality

Get your construction site scan, do it yourself or with our assistance, focusing on your areas of interest. Scan frequency ranges from 2 to 4 times monthly.

Project Setup

Create your project within the C2B platform and seamlessly integrate your BIM models, encompassing structure, architecture, and MEP.

Unified analysis for QAQC and Monitoring

Load your scans to enable automated QAQC, progress monitoring, and precise tracking. Benefit from billing assistance based on project volumetric execution percentage, along with accurate measurements aligned with your project KPI’s.

Instant Progress Insights

Tailor your reports and access instant progress insights. Export data in BCF and CSV formats, facilitating integration with other BIM/VDC solutions.