Connect QAQC, progress tracking & schedule

To ensure a high-quality project delivery in time

Personalized reports

Designed to facilitate decision-making regarding your construction progress and its impact on schedule and budget.

Project Management

Up-to-date and detailed KPI’s powered with our data.

Digital construction

To keep your project in quality & schedule

Data Collection

You or our team consistently gathers construction site data, usually on a monthly basis (2-4 times).

Project Verification

We verify project completion using your specified schedule and cost estimates, utilizing the integrated 4D information within the BIM.

Customized Reports

Craft personalized reports aimed at aiding decision-making regarding construction progress’s impact on schedule and budget. These reports encompass essential KPIs, including Earned Value (EV) and Schedule Performance Index (SPI).

Invaluable Insights

Get vital insights into project performance, enabling informed decision-making for a successful project completion.