Stick to the plan!

On-time, on-budget project delivery

Service (SaaS included)

SaaS Digital automation for QC, progress and quantities

Integrated Construction Control (included)

Dedicated Construction Project Manager off-site.

Schedule & Budget management during project lifecycle.

Project Management reporting.

Upon quotation

Continuous as-built caption keeps Project Management Up-to-date. Boost productivity and collaboration between VDC and Field Ops. ensuring on-schedule progress.

Work site reality capture

Digital construction

To keep your project in quality & schedule

Team Member

Quick Project Set up (2 hours)

Really Capture manager by your team

Automated Construction Analysis

Monthly BIM update (As-Built)

PM: Budget & schedule up to date

Data Collection

You or our team consistently gathers construction site data, usually on a monthly basis (2-4 times).

Project Verification

We verify project completion using your specified schedule and cost estimates, utilizing the integrated 4D information within the BIM.

Customized Reports

Craft personalized reports aimed at aiding decision-making regarding construction progress’s impact on schedule and budget. These reports encompass essential KPIs, including Earned Value (EV) and Schedule Performance Index (SPI).

Invaluable Insights

Get vital insights into project performance, enabling informed decision-making for a successful project completion.