Modelling an accurate As-Built is the key factor for renovations and facility management.

Our patented process integrated in the C2B Platform, is the most efficient workflow to verify the quality of your as-built model in 3 steps.

solid matching icon on blue circle

Make sure your as-built model matches perfectly the point cloud

point clud heat map of ditsnce

C2B Platform from CHECKTOBUILD aligns your original point cloud and the BIM model through its algorithm to verify the quality of your As-Built.

This manner you are sure that your new model represents exactly the conditions of your current construction

point clud heat map of ditsnce

Not just a comparison. By using  CHECKTOBUILS’s technology, you can also identify the missing elements or parts that you skipped in your design.

Graficas de 25% de ahorro en desplazamientos con C2B

Automated verification – Do not skip any elements from the reality