Automate your QAQC

Validate your work on the spot

Construction data analysis

Specifically designed for tolerance analysis, floor flatness and MEP elements.

Analyze and identify

Deviations in both structural and architectural elements.

The most efficient


Comprehensive Scanning

Map your construction site, employing advanced reality capture techniques tailored to your requirements. Repeat it 2 to 4 times per month.

Upload and Connect

Uploading and connecting your BIM models to our AI web platform, setting the foundation for streamlined project management.

Data analysis

The scans are seamlessly integrated into our platform, initiating an automatic tolerance analysis that spans various disciplines. This includes concrete construction, framing, MEP and floor flatness, ensuring precision.

Instant Reports

C2B Platform generates personalized 3D and PDF quality reports within seconds. Get actionable insights and a clear overview of project quality.